AIU祭 学内団体発表紹介⑤アカペラ部

AIU祭 学内団体発表紹介⑤アカペラ部


We are the AIU A Cappella Club あいう! It’s been three years since our club was established. At the beginning, we only had 6 people, but now it has grown to a family of 70. A Cappella is a style of music in which music is created with only voices. It takes a long time until you will be able to play “good A Cappella.” Each band practices about twice a week. The more the band members bond together, the better their performances become. あいうmembers hang out a lot too. We are like one big family. In the AIU Festival, we are having an outside stage live and a classroom live! Hope you visit and enjoy our music!


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