AIU祭 学内団体発表紹介⑤軽音部

AIU祭 学内団体発表紹介⑤軽音部


Good day we are the AIU Rock Band Club. Every month we held live shows within the campus, and rock the campus through out the year!!! In the upcoming AIU Festival, we will perform somewhat different from our normal live show, in a bigger stage and audience. On the first day of the AIU festival, we will perform on the main stage. Also on the second day, while performing on the main stage we will also perform on the student hall. Within the main stage, only 6 bands that have pass the auditioned are allowed to perform! This 6 bands will rock your world! This is one of the greatest event of AIU, so please come! We promise that you wont regret it. Plus, we will hold a small live in the student hall, where bands that did made it in the main stage will perform. In this small live show, many bands with their different “natural flavor” will perform, soooooo let`s jump, dance and party our hearts out! Every band have given their all to prepare for the AIU festival. We will appreciate it if you can provide us with even a little of your time. Please come to the main stage and the student hall to view our performance. The AIU rock band club will never fail to amaze and entertain you!!


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