AIU祭 学内団体発表紹介④EAP 3B

AIU祭 学内団体発表紹介④EAP 3B



Hello, everyone! We are 3B. In EAP competition, crossdressing contest is what you cannot miss! Madonna of 3B and unexpected person will fascinate you! The most remarkable points of every game is our bond. Although each of us has different personality, we always band together. We are always together when we eat at cafeteria after classes, throw Tofu toward a birthday person, go to forest and scoop spring water during classes, and do homework all night long! However, we do properly though we often be silly. In speaking class, each student says their opinion while respecting others. In reading class and writing class, we exchange our opinion while struggling with a lot of homework. Don’t miss our show in AIU festival!


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