AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介⑦露店部

AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介⑦露店部





Hello, everyone! We are the members of food stand department of AIU festival. We plan and run food stand which is one of the main events, food stand contest, and free market that you can communicate with international students and local people. Now, we work hard to prepare for AIU festival. Food stand department makes it the motto to strike a proper balance work and pleasure. That is why we enjoy gathering and eating together! Each member is excellent, so everyone is integral. Food stand department is brilliant in terms of cooperating with and relying on each other, and working hard to succeed in AIU festival.

Please come to food stand on the days of AIU festival!

Every member of the department is looking forward to seeing you!

高階 創


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