AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介⑥技術部

AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介⑥技術部











Hello! We are Technical Department of AIU Festival!

Our name is “technical”, but not always using a computer. Our job, briefly saying, is to make good memories for everyone!

Spring Semester: Poster… THE symbol of AIU festival. We are considering the design according to the main theme in order everyone to know what the AIU Fes is like.

Hoodies & Goods… We sell the goods which is designed based on the main theme. These goods are not for sale on the days of the festival.

Fall Semester: Closing Movie… This is the biggest and hardest work of TECH Team. This movie will be played in the Closing Ceremony. We devote great time and effort to make it. We are proud of our work. The slideshow and end roll will lead audience to be so impressed.

伊藤 鈴那


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