AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介④広報部

AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介④広報部




Hello. We are Public Relations department. There are 4 teams in our department. First, the messenger team is in charge of distributing flyers to schools in Akita city and creating flyers for newspapers. Second, the media team advertises AIU festival via TV, radio, or magazines. Third, the school advertisement team advertises for AIU students by making a “countdown calendar” and using SNS. The pamphlet and information managing team creates pamphlets for AIU festival.

Last year, 8135 people visited the AIU festival. The number of visitors is increasing year by year. We hope that more and more people visit and enjoy the AIU festival in this year. We are all going for it in order to make a wonderful festival.

時吉 真由


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