AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介②総合管理チーム

AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介②総合管理チーム

今回は私のチームの自慢に付きあってください!!笑 総合管理チームは今年の新設チームで、英語ではGeneral Management Team、GMと自分たちでは呼んでいます(浸透させたい)♪



Let me talk about my great team, General Management Team!! We call our team GM, though not so many people say it, haha.

My lovely team members consist of 6 freshmen and 3 sophomores, and 8 people except me are ‘freshmen’ of AIU festival committee. They are the ones who always support me and push me up in many ways…! What we do as a team is helping persons or groups from outside AIU festival committee to participate in AIU festival. In addition, we have our own program on the stage as well. Our job does not catch many people’s eyes but I’d like to put emphasis on GM members’ work which surely contributes to AIU festival, of students, by students, for students and all visitors!! The picture is the cakes we always have for fun dinner party and members’ birthdays. GM is pretty excited to see how AIU festival would come out to be…

五十嵐 美祐



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