AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介①キャンパスアート部

AIU祭実行委員会 部・チーム紹介①キャンパスアート部








Hello, we are Campus Art department. Our job is to decorate the whole campus.


For example, we decorate the entrance and hallways, and paint the scene of the stage. We have members who are and are not confident in drawing or creating things, but all members’ unique views expand our ideas further. Off course, it takes so much time to create all the decorations but it is very interesting and fulfilling to create decorations from a variety of materials and ideas.


We are trying to make decorations that can amuse everyone. Also, this year, we are trying to create atmosphere which is joyful and mysterious, as the theme of the festival is “BRAVISSIMO”. There will be several places where you can take pictures with decorations, too. Please look forward to decorations and enjoy them on the festival day! 


Thank you!

宗像 美月


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